Spin, weave, stitch, slot, splash, blob, finger, press, mark, make, blow, blend, smear, grind, mash, melt, explore, explain, discover, dismantle, print, prod, roll, build, scratch, scribble, scrawl, tear, rip, wrench, screw, crumple, smash, thread, arrange, destroy, rub, install, erase, etch, knit, knot, tangle, poke, carve, crease, hammer, bend, undo, ink, fold, discuss, unwind, create, break, stick, pin, paint, draw, design, unravel, wind, tease, sketch, throw, smear, construct, collage, crayon, bend, frill, bake, bind, collect, dribble, fluff, dab, grate, hack, join, lick, mend, wear, wring, stain, flip, crunch, attach, mould, press, cut, dabble, snip, shred, pierce, deconstruct, hang, crochet, weld, invent.

Lesley Butterworth, General Secretary of the National Society for Education in Art and Design since 2010 www.nsead.org