Whether you are beginning a teacher

education course or embarking on a career

in teaching, this introductory textbook

provides comprehensive information

on how to meet the standards for

the effective teaching of art and design

in foundation and primary settings.

The authors offer comprehensive guidance

on everything from reflecting on your own subject knowledge as a teacher, to organising the classroom, planning your lessons, using a variety

of art processes and using artists' work

in your teaching.

'Teaching Art and Design 3-11' is 

co-edited by Robert Watts and Sue Cox, with contributions from Steve Herne, Diarmuid McAuliffe and Judy Grahame.

Download section Using artists' work here

Download section Planning here

Download section on Assessment here.'

“Informed by up-to-date research and

current classroom practice, this guide

should be as essential to the art room

as pencils and paint.”


Child Education

Teaching Art and Design 3-11 is a valuable new resource for all teachers of children from the Foundation Stage through to Key Stages 1 and 2. The book features a huge amount of teacher-friendly information on the complete range of practical processes that children are expected to engage with, as well as informative chapters that explore issues such as developing strategies for using artists’ work in the classroom, planning assessment and organisation.”


Nursery Education