Terrible clay claws

Gruffalo-inspired sculptures

Recycled landscapes

Cityscapes from recycled materials

Toy stories

Reinvent unwanted toys as sculptures

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Ghost town

Sculpt an abandoned community from clay

Sculptures in space

Create planets from paper and paste

In your dreams

Design a dreamcatcher

Sock it to 'em
Make a whole-class sculpture from unloved odd socks

Monster mache

Create a mini monster from recycled materials 

Creative spark

Sculptures that think like a computers

How was that made?

Sculptures from newspaper


Seek inspiration from Rubik's Cube

Sculpture vultures

Influences from contemporary artists

Litter monsters

Exploring shadowy sculptures

Portraying relationships

People and animals in wire and clay

Cardboard creation

Recycle cardboard into sculptures

Garden games

Sculpture for outdoor spaces

Under the sea

Create an underwater world from overlooked items

Easy as ABC

Explore sculpture through letter shapes

Bend it like Deacon

Add a creative twist to sculptures

Spooky sculptures

Collaborate with paper mache

Bend it like Deacon

Add a creative twist to sculptures

Papier mache masks

A step-by-step guide

Making moulds

Exploring plaster of Paris

Headline art

Making sculptures from newspaper