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This page includes everything you need to know about the PGCE Art and Design course. If you have your university log-in details, all of the resources below will be available to you on one of the three Moodle sites: Secondary Art and Design, Professional Studies and the Moodle Hub

If you are able to access the Moodle Hub site you should upload your pre-course reading task there - it's easy to locate the link. If you are unable to access the Moodle Hub site you can email me your pre-course reading task.

You can access guidance on the e-portfolio here - though I don't want to you start work on this before mid-October!

If you need to email me an attachment could you please make sure to put your name in the file name of the attachment - e.g. Joe Bloggs - Pre-course writing task

If you are emailing a text document, please send it as a Word file, not a pdf.

If you are emailing an image, please send it as a jpeg.

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Week 1- 2nd and 9th September

Access the Welcome Webinar and PGCE Introduction, Professional Studies tasks, etc. materials here

Access the PGCE Calendar here

Access the PowerPoint 'Introduction to Art and Design' here

Here is a map that will guide you to the Art Room (Lu002)

Week 2 - 9th September - 4pm - join Zoom session here

Topic: PGCE Art and Design - 4pm - Wed 9th Sept

Time: Sep 9, 2020 04:00 PM London


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Meeting ID: 835 9124 2694

Passcode: 6JRKxu

Access the first PowerPoint for the 4pm Art session on the 9th September here

Access the second PowerPoint for the 4pm Art session on the 9th September here

Week 3 - 16th September

Access the first PowerPoint for the 16th September session here

Access the second PowerPoint for the 16th September session here

The link to the schedule for Professional Studies lectures is here

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Course Booklet for 2020-21

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Resource list

Once you are registered on the course in you will be able to access more e-books here.

You can access the PGCE programme Welcome Pages here...

If you scroll down to 'Information about your subject specialism'

you'll see there are four tasks to complete:

Pre course introductory reading

The pre-course introductory reading task is one all PGCE students do, regardless of subject specialism. You're asked to read the two chapters provided and complete a piece of writing entitled 'How can the main aims of the secondary curriculum be met through the teaching and learning in your subject?' This writing won't be assessed (you can't fail the task!) However you will receive feedback and hopefully you will find it a useful 'way in' to writing

The introduction to the task invites you to refer to a third, subject-specific reading: Your Subject tutor will also suggest one relevant subject-based reading that might be useful for you to use for this task. This reading will help you to make useful connections with the pre course reading and task, and your first assignment, later on. For this you should read Section One of the Hickman book (left)


Try to focus on what you find most interesting about the writing, rather than worry about anything you don’t understand. The authors are writing generally about secondary education rather than specifically about certain subjects.Towards the end of the essay you can start to think about how this relates specifically to art and design. This could help you to conclude by writing a paragraph or two about how the aims of the secondary curriculum can be met through teaching and learning in art  

Subject audit

If you didn't complete this before your interview you should find it useful to read - no need to submit.

Subject specific tasks

This link takes you to the 'Ten things to try' document at the top of this page...

Subject specific reading

... and this link takes you to the Hickman book (below left)