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During the Autumn Term you'll research and write a 3500-word assignment entitled

Values in Art and Design Education.



  • Part 1 - to write a literature review that reflect on the values for art and design education identified by a selection of authors 


  • Part 2 - to write a reflective piece that identifies:

    • your own values for art and design education;

    • how these values relate to the texts referred to in your literature review;

    • how these values have impacted on your development as an artist/craftsperson/designer in the past

    • how these values are beginning to impact on your teaching of art, craft and design in the future

                                                                        The first half of the essay is rooted in theory and you should draw upon the core texts of the course as well as additional material.


The second half is practice-based. It is an opportunity for you to reflect on your own experiences as a teacher and learner in art and design in the context of the theories you have explored. 

Click on any of the images above to download exemplar assignments written by recent graduates. Below you'll find links to the two core texts you'll need to read for this assignment, plus a chapter by course tutor Robert Watts.