Aims to inspire teachers and children to enjoy investigating, making and thinking about art in schools.

The site includes over 100 resources that are free to download. There are projects aimed at inspiring children's creativity and articles on teaching and learning, as well as links to books on art education and a selection of research in the field.


Recent additions to the site include a selection of ideas for teaching art and design online. If you'd like to contribute to the site you can get in touch here.

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Websites created by BA Primary Education students


Child-centred resources created by students at Roehampton University 

art education

Printmaking: making press prints 


Three videos of a recent practical workshop

 Part 1       Part 2      Part 3


Beauty in Lockdown
Words and images capturing experiences
of beauty in the past year and a half.

Pattern and perfection


Exploring art and geometry in school

(10-minute video, password:FACE)

art education

Children's images of beauty: Environmental influences on aesthetic preferences

Journal article published in Education 3-13: The International Journal of Primary and Early Years Education, 2019

art education

A six minute video with Susan Ogier

and Robert Watts

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Teacher and child-led activities in art


Online teaching session, March 2021

A recording of an online teaching session, PGCE Primary, March 2021

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Teaching remotely


Videos for home learning created by students on the PGCE

Secondary Art and Design programme at Roehampton University.

Recent projects by BA Primary Education students

Presentations for online teaching in Key Stages 1 and 2